Augusta Risk broker assicurazioni per Aziende

Augustas SpA Risk Services has been part, as a member, of the important international Brokerslink network since September 2019.

For some years now, in addition to representing a real alternative to large multinational companies in the field of risk management and insurance brokerage, Brokerslink has prided itself on offering a global network of resources and specialist support services for its clients and their partners and affiliates in 133 countries. In fact, this network already includes excellent companies that are able to provide customized and tailor-made Risk Management solutions and expert and professional consultancy.

Thanks to joining the network, Augustas is able to develop and bring its skills and professionalism even beyond borders; the support of a global network of dozens of specialists present throughout the world will allow us to provide better support to a multinational clientele and also to act as an Italian center of excellence for foreign customers with a presence in our country.

In 2023, Augustas, together with other leading global risk management consultancy firms, introduced the “Brokerslink Risk Management Practice” to the network to provide partners and affiliates with access to a one-stop specialist consultancy service. The initiative follows growing demand from clients around the world for risk management support and advice. Working together in a unified approach, Augustas Risk Services, B.Riley Advisory Services and RCG Risk Consulting Group provide a range of services related to: risk assessment, risk inspection, enterprise risk management (ERM), risk analysis, loss control, captive management and business continuity.