Strategic Partners

Our customers can count on a network of partnerships stipulated, and continuously revised and updated, with leading companies in their reference sectors.

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Augustas Risk Services S.p.A. has entered into an exclusive agreement of collaboration with Boardwalk s.r.l., an independent consulting firm, which supports small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the operational and strategic development decisions to innovate and grow.
The aim is to act together, in a cooperative but also independent manner, toward a mutual strengthening in the area of Risk Management. This sector is increasingly open to large-scale innovations, which create new prospects for consulting and ability to operate, where the Boardwalk profile represents an ideal complement to the profile of Augustas.
The skills and experience Boardwalk has gained over the years allow us to expand the services we offer to help the company develop more efficient and profitable operating models:


We design management control systems aimed at providing key performance indicators (KPIs) to manage business activity and to determine levels of production efficiency.


We support entrepreneurs and professionals who work with businesses to identify management and financial control tools.


We create financial planning tools to calculate future financial needs and estimate the results generated from possible market scenarios.


We promote access to tools of business incentives by examining on an individual basis the best solutions to adopt in order to facilitate investments and growth of productive capacity.


We analyze, redesign and reorganize operating and industrial processes for businesses. We work as a team with management, employees and the professionals who assist them.


We work to support businesses and professionals in their stages of restructuring and review of operating models, in their processes of aggregation and in their acquisition operations.

We offer a new model of consulting, standing alongside entrepreneurs. We help them draw maximum benefit from the opportunities provided by the market by optimizing management systems and defining courses of action that lead to new levels of efficiency and economic profitability.

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Augustas S.p.A. Risk Services has signed a contract of collaboration with KEISDATA, an information technology company that focuses on the development of software and online platforms for risk management involved in Compliance and Knowledge Engineering, areas which today represent the frontiers of innovation.

The company has recently launched an IT platform on the market: KRC® is a solution that is certified by Certiquality as a highly innovative product. KRC® has already been chosen in its own right by leading companies, both Italian and multinational businesses abroad, and is recognized on the market as the best solution for risk management. A study by the Polytechnic University of Milan has confirmed KRC® as one of the most complete and innovative Risk Management solutions available.

The partnership agreement includes the use and marketing of the KRC® platform by Augustas Risk Services while also allowing KEISDATA to utilize the services of A.R.S. Risk Consulting for support in the sale and implementation of their IT products with their own clients.

Regarding the use and marketing of the KRC® platform by Augustas, two models of collaboration are planned: the first model relates to the sale of the KRC® modules to Corporate clients who have implemented and reached a good level of experience in the area of Risk Management and who therefore require equipping themselves with an IT platform capable of enabling such requirements. The second model concerns how Augustas Risk Management may use the ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) module of KRC® to support the implementation of their own consulting projects along with a particularly advanced repository and reporting tool.

Following ISO guidelines 31.000:2018, the process of Risk Management is reproduced on the KRC® IT Platform for the management of various types of risk (operating, financial, strategic and compliance-related) through a unique and integrated management model.

KRC® revolutionizes how to manage and assess business risks, taking advantage of the expertise of various representatives of the business, facilitating teamwork and helping to share information right up to the decision-making process.

The Risk Management module, activated through the KRC® platform, allows a company to have the risk model comply with its own business activities and its relevant industry sector, providing the opportunity to produce constantly updated documentation and to signal approaching deadlines by showing evidence of what has been done or what is being done.

The aim of the partnership between Augustas Risk Services and KEISDATA is to implement an all-encompassing risk management process for their clients, combining the consulting expertise of Augustas with the innovative approach of risk analysis and reporting through the IT systems of KEISDATA.

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Crystal Service Agreement


Augustas Risk Services S.p.A. has entered into an exclusive agreement with Riparabrezza s.r.l., the leading company in Italy for the repair and replacement of car and truck windows.

All customers who have the window guarantee in the Auto and Truck policies have many good reasons to choose Riparabrezza:

  • Capillarity throughout the national territory with over 200 workshops
  • Management of the accident paid by Riparabrezza
  • Direct liquidation with the Company
  • Portable home service (also on Saturdays)
  • Flexibility on intervention times
  • Free preventive checks at your fleet on all your yards
  • Security camera recalibration service (issuing certification)
  • Repair Center Call Center with dedicated toll-free number 800 51 51 53
  • Portal with a reserved area for requesting intervention
  • Updated report (average cost, type and place of intervention)
  • Glass warehouse, immediate availability of all windscreen models
  • Lifetime warranty on spare parts and labor

For customers who do not have a window guarantee, Riparabrezza offers the possibility of using the same services with a dedicated and discounted price list.

Furthermore, for Augustas Risk Services customers, Riparabrezza offers a further innovative service free of charge, following the replacement of its crystal: certified ozone sanitization.