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Our team, the real asset of Augustas Risk Services in terms of knowledge of, is composed of professionals with experience and know-how in various disciplines ranging from finance to structural engineering. We are all united by a genuine passion for Risk Management and an eagerness for solving complex problems.

We work in an environment based on mutual trust and respect, to create a working atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork. The deep commitment of each one of us is to create value by working alongside our customers to give them a competitive advantage and an improved performance.

Maurizio Castelli


Augustas professional team is centered on Maurizio Castelli, Risk Manager of large multinational groups for 16 years, with top roles in international insurance companies for 10 years, and 4 years of consulting.

He was the general secretary and the president of the European Federation of Risk Managers (FERMA) and was the Vice-President, President and Chairman of the World Federation of Risk Managers (IFRIMA).

He is currently scientific consultant and head of education at ANRA (Italian National Association of Risk and Insurance Managers).

Maurizio Castelli

Augustas Risk Services CEO

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