Claims Handling

Every company is exposed to a multitude of events that can jeopardize financial results and the achievement of strategic objectives. It is essential to effectively manage the potential occurrence of harmful events (losses or claims) through specific consultancy within a broader approach of corporate risk management.

We assist companies in all phases of claim document preparation, evaluation, and settlement. To limit the negative consequences of a claim and minimize the risk of business interruption, it is necessary to accurately reconstruct the dynamics of the event, assess the insurance coverage involved, estimate the economic effects of the claim, and organize timely interventions to limit and restore damage, necessary for a prompt resumption of activities.

The company finds itself not only having to face the crisis situation that has arisen but also having to negotiate with insurance company representatives and a series of obligations aimed at complying with contractual commitments made with the insurer to obtain adequate compensation. To ensure the correct compensation for damages, the company must have in-depth knowledge of technical and legal topics, familiarity with policy criteria, and understanding of appropriate procedures to follow and precautions to take.

Specialized consultancy helps transform a negative event like a claim into an opportunity for growth and improvement of the affected entity. The arising of a claim represents a real test of the measures implemented to protect corporate assets and property.

The expert assistance of a consultant helps manage the necessary procedures to obtain adequate compensation for damages suffered, ensuring an interdisciplinary approach attentive to take adequate precautions and to follow all the appropriate procedures.

Services offered:

Claims for Damage Recovery

According to the provisions established by Italian law, there are cases in which the Direct Compensation Convention does not apply:

  • Claims not occurring in Italy
  • Claims involving agricultural machinery, vehicles without license plates (operational machinery), mopeds
  • Vehicles not registered in Italy
  • Claims without material collision between the two vehicles, or in the case of third party responsibility
  • Claims caused by vehicles insured by companies that haven’t adhered to the Direct Compensation Convention

In all these cases, our Claims Handling Department will start the procedures to recover damage suffered by our Clients through the analysis of documentation, formal notice procedures, and negotiations with experts and claims adjusters to ensure the Client receives proper compensation during the case resolution process.

Excluding claims occurring abroad, this service is entirely free, as Augustas’s activity is compensated by the insurers of the parties who caused the damage.

Loss Adjusting

This service offers specialized consultancy to resolve claims involving properties with or without an impact on business. A speedy resolution can be reached for claims through the appointment of experts to represent both the insured and the insurer.

Pre-Claim Consultations

Legal support and assistance in the preliminary phase of claim management; Request for statements from Authorities involved in the event of a claim; Support in evaluating the assumption of responsibility or co-responsibility.

Claims management with Self-Insured Retention (SIR) deductibles

The service consists of managing passive civil liability claims (Compulsory Third Party, Professional Civil Liability) under the deductible. It is highly customizable based on the needs of the company or public entity.

The SIR clause allows significant savings on the client’s premiums by eliminating all low-value and high-frequency claims, the management of which no longer burdens the Company.

Outsourced Claims Handling

With this service, Augustas operates as if it were an employee of the Client company, adapting to existing claims handling procedures, implementing them, improving them, or redefining the entire management process from scratch, in line with the objectives to be pursued.

The service is dedicated to both companies that do not have an internal claims office, and to those that are equipped with one but intend to optimize the time of office resources and/or allocate them to other activities.

Our team consists of professionals with backgrounds from both the insurance sector and the claims and legal offices of companies.

The service also includes recovery activities for parties responsible for damage in the transport sector.