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We offer dedicated and cutting-edge IT solutions, to support our consultancy, but our client companies, can also adopt them by acquiring their use on a licensing or SaS basis (software as a Service).




In a world where you can find all the answers, the real challenge is to ask the right questions.

How do you make a crucial insurance decision?

Do you consider the actual protection provided by your insurance program regarding the unforeseen events of your projects and decisions or do you focus more on costs?

Have you a clear picture of the insurance costs, but not of the extent to which a claim will be compensated?

Our solution is BenchSmart.

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KRC Solution


KRC® is an innovative multi-language multi-culture IT platform, which revolutionizes the way companies risks are managed and evaluated, taking advantage of the skills of various company representatives, making the teamwork easier and helping to share knowledge up to the stage of decision-making.

KRC® is an integrated management system where the processes of the relevant areas have been integrated, the ERM applied to all types of risks and the Organizational Model and other sector-specific regulations have been integrated.

KRC® enables risk management through guided IT procedures and in line with regulations. Each procedure follows a dictated flow by the legislation and each stage can assign the responsibility to the different referents based on the role and qualifications they hold.

The resulting data from each procedure are processed and used to generate appropriate graphs that allow you to monitor the situation and make decisions immediately.

KRC® works on a process approach basis, which is represented graphically, and guides corporate users, related to their responsibility, role, job title, and with functionality of data entry, data consultation, reporting and dashboard.

KRC® provides a document system able to index all the documents of the organization.

It manages an interactive workflow mapping the approval cycle.

It is able to produce up-to-date documentation and to alert the reaching of deadlines giving evidence of what has been done or is being done.

It is also able to generate documents such as procedures, instructions and guidelines independently.