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CORE: a Risk Management Service Package to support Recovery and build Resilience


CORE stands for post COvid-19 Resilience Empowerment, a solution devised by Augustas Risk Services SpA in collaboration with PK Consulting, to assist companies by offering a modular and comprehensive catalog of services and tools to enhance operational capabilities regarding the most dangerous risks.


Mapping processes and risks post COVID-19


Identifying immediate steps to operate safely and in compliance with regulations during the first months after restarting


Identifying and prioritizing key criticalities, in order to define a roadmap to bridge gaps and to optimize management


Implementing the roadmap and guiding the company into the ``new normal`` and beyond, with enhanced resilience

The starting point is a preliminary risk profiling assessment, essential to enable the company to equip itself with risk management tools for which the probability and impact on the company are understood and evaluated.

In parallel, a Gap Analysis is conducted to ascertain which tools the company is already partially or fully equipped with, thus being able to focus on what the company is still missing.

Following these preliminary phases, CORE is articulated into a series of thematic areas, which in turn are divided into different modules, offering a completely modular approach that can be tailored to the company’s real needs and priorities. The thematic areas include the Organizational area, which consists of the modules of Organizational Protocols, Remote Work Organizational Protocol, and Personnel Training and Coaching; the Financial area, which includes Cash Flow Risk Management and Credit Risk Management; the area of Operational Continuity, which includes Business Continuity Management and Supply Chain Risk Management; and finally, the IT area of Cyber Risks with the Disaster Recovery Planning service.

Assessment-and-Gap-Analysis, Augustas

These modules are accompanied by continuous support, thus ensuring steadiness over time. This is essential for monitoring the evolving situation and optimizing processes, guaranteeing the maintenance of what has been implemented, as well as bringing about the dissemination of Risk Management culture.

Intervening with the most effective and targeted tools to fill the most significant gaps: this is the mission of CORE in supporting the construction of corporate resilience.

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