Risk & Compliance Consulting

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The world has changed:


Climate change, natural catastrophes, large-scale cyber-attacks, continuous migration flows, natural resources crises, financial bubbles.

These are the main risks according to the World Economic Forum report 2019. However, these risks do not hit in an isolated way: they are interconnected and anyone has the potential to affect others, generating a domino effect on a global scale, and they are capable of overwhelming the big as well as the small companies.

The context


  • The only certainty in today’s economic context is its uncertainty.
  • Managing risk guarantees resilience, i.e. the ability to face any situation effectively, return to operations, and to pursue normal business objectives without incurring losses that pose threats to business survival or the need for radical structural changes.
  • Understanding the role of different risk management tools helps to increase resilience.
  • Ignoring risk is the most dangerous risk.
  • The winning strategy for companies in this new competitive context is instead of taking the opportunities associated with risks minimizing the risks themselves: and “embrace the good side of risk”.

The advantages of Risk & Compliance Consulting:


  • Transfer of responsibility in respect of an extremely delicate subject.
  • Compliance with the national and the international regulations.
  • Compliance with COSO standard in the USA.
  • From 2018, a risk management approach is mandatory to maintain the ISO 9001 quality certification.
  • Improvement of the companies’ position towards investors.
  • Image improvement to support sustainability and resilience policy.
  • Optimization of insurance risk transfer:
  • to optimize the insurance expenses;
  • to improve the relationship with the insurance market and consequently the terms and conditions achievable in the market itself.

Thanks to a dedicated and highly professional structure, we are able to offer our customers «Risk & Compliance Consulting» tools that cover the entire «supply chain» of the Risk Management process, with an integrated and coordinated approach.




It is possible to initiate the different phases of the process gradually using a modular approach that can be implemented and customized, for instance:

  1. Mapping of the company’s inherent operational risks.
  2. Analysis (check-up) of the insurance programs currently in place for the company in relation to the comprehensiveness and adequacy of the insurance policies compared to the risk mapping.
  3. Extension of the mapping to all strategic, regulatory, governance, compliance and political risks. Analysis of organizational and legal risk mitigation measures. Formulation of an action plan based on critical areas emerging from the analysis.
  4. Comprehensive risk mapping including external market / sector risks, image risks and socio-economic impact risks. Analysis and mapping of all existing risk mitigation measures with particular reference to the area of ​​Risk Engineering. Comparative analysis of risks and their treatment. Formulation of an action plan based on the critical areas for which mitigation measures are considered inadequate. Overall risk-treatment check-up.
  5. Study and support the implementation of a permanent risk and insurance management function partially or totally in outsourcing.
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