Partnership Services

Risk Servicing Augustas

To complete our catalogue of Risk Management services, we offer to our clients a variety of specialized services, thanks to a network of developed and continuously revised and updated partnerships with leading companies in their sector of reference.

Some of our services:


  • Crisis Management, crisis communication
  • IT consultancy for the assessment and prevention of cyber risk
  • Rescue, restoration, reclamation, repair and replacement for civil, industrial, and special purpose buildings in case of flooding, fires, intense weather phenomena, earthquakes, etc.
  • Car cabin repairs and replacement of any type of glas

Crystal Service Agreement


Augustas Risk Services S.p.A. has entered into an exclusive agreement with Riparabrezza s.r.l., the leading company in Italy for the repair and replacement of car and truck windows.
All customers who have the window guarantee in the Auto and Truck policies have many good reasons to choose Riparabrezza:

  • Capillarity throughout the national territory with over 200 workshops
  • Management of the accident paid by Riparabrezza
  • Direct liquidation with the Company
  • Portable home service (also on Saturdays)
  • Flexibility on intervention times
  • Free preventive checks at your fleet on all your yards
  • Security camera recalibration service (issuing certification)
  • Repair Center Call Center with dedicated toll-free number 800 51 51 53
  • Portal with a reserved area for requesting intervention
  • Updated report (average cost, type and place of intervention)
  • Glass warehouse, immediate availability of all windscreen models
  • Lifetime warranty on spare parts and labor


For customers who do not have a window guarantee, Riparabrezza offers the possibility of using the same services with a dedicated and discounted price list.
Furthermore, for Augustas Risk Services customers, Riparabrezza offers a further innovative service free of charge, following the replacement of its crystal: certified ozone sanitization.